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The NetBSD Packages Collection: parallel Daemon Power

The NetBSD Packages Collection: parallel

You are now in the directory "parallel".

Applications dealing with parallelism in computing

Here are the one-line descriptions for each of the 21 items in this directory:

R-promises-1.0.1: Abstractions for promise-based asynchronous programming
clusterit-2.5nb2: Clustering package for unix
dqs-3.3.2nb2: Distributed queueing system
dsh-0.25.10nb1: Runs command through rsh or ssh on a cluster of machines
ganglia-monitor-core-3.7.2nb8: Ganglia cluster monitor, monitoring daemon
gridscheduler-2011.11.1nb5: Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine resource management system
hwloc-1.11.13: Portable Hardware Locality
linda-0.1.1nb10: Parallel distributed database environment
mpich-3.2.1nb1: Open source MPI, MPI-2, and MPI-3 implementation from Univ. of Chicago
openmp-9.0.1: Support for the OpenMP language
openmpi-1.10.7nb2: Open source MPI-3.1 implementation
openpa-1.0.4: Atomic primitives for high performance software
p5-Parallel-Pvm-1.4.0nb11: Perl module for PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine)
paexec-1.1.1: Distributes tasks over network or CPUs
parallel-20190922: Build and execute shell commands in parallel
pdsh-2.31nb2: High-performance, parallel remote shell utility
pvm-3.4.6nb2: Parallel Virtual Machine libraries and environment
py37-billiard- Python multiprocessing fork with improvements and bugfixes
sge-8.1.6nb8: Son of Grid Engine distributed resource management system
slurm-wlm-19.05.5: Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management
threadingbuildingblocks-3.0.6: Threading Buildling Blocks

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