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[DIR]i2cbd/2020-01-17 10:01 -  
[DIR]icb/2020-01-17 10:01 -  
[DIR]icbirc/2020-01-13 22:31 -  
[DIR]ii/2020-01-13 22:32 -  
[DIR]inspircd/2020-01-17 10:01 -  
[DIR]inspircd3/2020-01-13 22:25 -  
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[DIR]kgb-bot/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]konversation/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ktp-accounts-kcm/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ktp-approver/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ktp-auth-handler/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ktp-common-internals/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ktp-contact-list/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ktp-contact-runner/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ktp-desktop-applets/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ktp-filetransfer-handler/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ktp-kded-integration-module/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ktp-send-file/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ktp-text-ui/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]libfolks/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]libirc/2020-01-17 10:01 -  
[DIR]libmsn/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]libotr/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]libpurple/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]libtelepathy/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]libtlen/2020-01-13 22:28 -  
[DIR]loudmouth/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]lurch-purple/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]matterircd/2020-01-13 22:31 -  
[DIR]mcabber/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]meanwhile/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]miniircd/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]mumble/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ninja/2020-01-13 22:22 -  
[DIR]p5-IRC-Utils/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]p5-Net-AIM/2020-01-13 22:28 -  
[DIR]p5-Net-AOLIM/2020-01-13 22:31 -  
[DIR]p5-Net-Goofey/2020-01-13 22:22 -  
[DIR]p5-Net-Jabber/2020-01-13 22:28 -  
[DIR]p5-POE-Component-IRC/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]p5-POE-Filter-IRCD/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]phone/2020-01-13 22:23 -  
[DIR]pidgin-facebookchat/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]pidgin-icb/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]pidgin-latex/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]pidgin-libnotify/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]pidgin-otr/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]pidgin-sametime/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]pidgin-silc/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]pidgin/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]pircbot/2020-01-07 21:57 -  
[DIR]prosody/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]psi/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]psybnc/2020-01-13 22:30 -  
[DIR]py-axolotl-curve25519/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]py-axolotl/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]py-hangups/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]py-mastodon/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]py-nbxmpp/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]py-xmpppy/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]quassel/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]quirc/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]riece/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]roxirc/2020-01-13 22:28 -  
[DIR]ruby-net-irc/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]scrollz/2020-01-13 22:31 -  
[DIR]silc-client-icb/2020-01-13 22:30 -  
[DIR]silc-client/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]silc-server/2020-01-13 22:20 -  
[DIR]sirc/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]skypeweb-purple/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]spectrum/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]swift/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]telegram-purple/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]telepathy-farstream/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]telepathy-gabble/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]telepathy-glib/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]telepathy-haze/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]telepathy-idle/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]telepathy-logger/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]telepathy-mission-control/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]telepathy-mission-control5/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]telepathy-qt/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]telepathy-qt5/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]tik/2020-01-17 10:01 -  
[DIR]tirc/2020-01-17 10:01 -  
[DIR]tkabber/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]tkirc/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]tkirc2/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]tootstream/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]toxcore/2020-01-13 22:30 -  
[DIR]unrealircd/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]weechat/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]xaric/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]ysm/2020-01-13 22:31 -  
[DIR]zenicb/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]zenirc/2020-01-18 07:59 -  
[DIR]zircon/2020-01-17 10:01 -  
[DIR]znc/2020-01-18 07:59 -  

The NetBSD Packages Collection: chat Daemon Power

The NetBSD Packages Collection: chat

You are now in the directory "chat".

Communication programs

Here are the one-line descriptions for each of the 144 items in this directory:

anope-2.0.7: Modular set of IRC services
atheme-7.2.10.r2: Flexible IRC services system with proven scalability
bitchbot-1.0.2nb7: Bitchbot is a perl-based IRC bot
bitchx-1.2.1nb2: IRC client based on ircII
bitlbee-3.6nb3: IRC to other chat networks gateway
bitlbee-discord-0.4.2: Discord protocol plugin for BitlBee
bitlbee-facebook-1.2.0: Facebook protocol plugin for BitlBee
bitlbee-mastodon-1.4.3: Mastodon protocol plugin for BitlBee
bitlbee-steam-1.4.2: Steam protocol plugin for BitlBee
bnc-2.9.4nb5: Simple IRC relay proxy with support for virtual hosting
carbons-purple-0.2.1nb1: XEP-0280: Message Carbons plugin for libpurple
centerim-4.22.10nb21: Instant Messenger interface supporting many protocols
centerim5-5.0.1nb2: Text-mode multi-protocol instant messaging client using libpurple
cgiirc-0.5.12nb1: Access IRC from a web browser
coyim-0.3.11nb8: Safe and secure by default chat client
ctrlproxy-3.0.8nb8: Detachable internet relay chat proxy server
dccserver-0.5nb2: Standalone replacement for the mIRC /dccserver command
dircproxy-1.2.0beta2nb11: Detachable internet relay chat proxy server (devel version)
eggdrop-1.8.4: IRC robot with TCL scripting and multi-channel ability
ejabberd-18.06: Free and Open Source distributed fault-tolerant Jabber server
ekg-1.7nb11: Experimental Gadu-Gadu Client (Polish instant messaging system)
emacs-jabber-0.8.0nb1: Jabber client for Emacs
emech-3.0.2nb1: IRC bot written in C
epic4-2.10.2nb6: The (E)nhanced (P)rogrammable (I)RC-II (C)lient
epic4-doc-1.0.20050315: Additional documentation for epic4 package
farstream-0.2.8nb13: Audio/video communications framework
finch-2.13.0nb3: Multi-protocol Instant Messaging client console frontend
fisg-0.3.12: Fast IRC statistics generator
gajim-1.1.3nb1: XMPP/Jabber chat client written in Python/GTK3
gajim-plugin-omemo-2.6.28: OMEMO encryption support for Gajim
gg2-2.3.0nb40: Instant messenger software for Poland; Jabber plugin included
gloox-1.0.17nb3: Jabber/XMPP client library
goofey-3.15: Text-based client for goofey, a flexible short message system
hexchat-2.14.3: IRC client based on XChat
i2cb-6.0_ALPHAnb7: Next generation Internet Citicen's Band chat client
i2cbd-2.0_BETA5nb5: Next generation Internet Citizens Band chat server
icb-5.0.9pl1nb7: Internet CB - a mostly-defunct chat client
icbirc-1.9: Proxy IRC client and ICB server
ii-1.7: Minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client
inspircd-2.0.28: Modular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server (v2 branch)
inspircd-3.4.0: Modular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server (v3 branch)
ircII-20190117nb1: 'Internet Relay Chat' and 'Internet Citizens Band' Client
ircd-hybrid-8.2.26: IRC server with many options
irchat-pj- Emacs lisp interface to Internet Relay Chat
ircu- Internet Relay Chat server customized for Undernet
iroffer-1.3.11: IRC (Internet Relay Chat) DCC OfferBot
irssi-1.2.2: Secure and modular IRC client with text mode user interface
irssi-icb-0.15nb5: Irssi plugin to access ICB networks
irssi-xmpp-0.54: Irssi plugin to connect to the Jabber network
jabberd-1.4.2nb13: Instant messaging server
jabberd-2.7.0nb3: XMPP (Jabber) instant messaging server
kgb-bot-1.31nb7: Notify about VCS commits on IRC
konversation-1.5.1nb21: KDE IRC Client
ktp-accounts-kcm-0.9.0nb14: KDE instant messaging account management module
ktp-approver-0.9.0nb13: KDE instant messaging notifier
ktp-auth-handler-0.9.0nb13: KDE Telepathy KWallet integration module
ktp-common-internals-0.9.0nb14: KDE Telepathy common internal library
ktp-contact-list-0.9.0nb13: KDE instant messaging contact list application
ktp-contact-runner-0.9.0nb13: KDE Telepathy KRunner integration module
ktp-desktop-applets-0.9.0nb13: KDE Telepathy Plasma widgets
ktp-filetransfer-handler-0.9.0nb13: KDE Telepathy file transfer handling
ktp-kded-integration-module-0.9.0nb13: KDE Telepathy integration into KDE workspaces
ktp-send-file-0.9.0nb13: KDE Telepathy file transfer application
ktp-text-ui-0.9.0nb13: KDE Telepathy Plasma widgets
libfolks-0.4.2nb5: Library to manage contacts
libirc-0.2nb2: C library for the IRC protocol
libmsn-4.2.1nb3: Library for connecting to Microsoft's MSN Messenger service
libotr-4.1.1: Library for Off-The-Record encrypted messaging
libpurple-2.13.0nb9: Multi-protocol Instant Messaging client backend
libtelepathy-0.3.3nb10: Unified framework for many different kinds of real-time communications
libtlen-20041113nb2: Library to access IM system
loudmouth-1.5.3: Lightweight Jabber client library
lurch-purple-0.6.8nb2: XEP-0384: OMEMO Encryption for libpurple
matterircd-0.18.4nb10: Minimal IRC server which integrates with Mattermost and Slack
mcabber-1.1.0nb1: Jabber console client
meanwhile-1.0.2nb5: Lotus SameTime compatible chat protocol
miniircd-1.3: Simple Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server written in Python
mumble-1.3.0nb3: Low latency VOIP software
ninja- Another IRC client based on ircII
p5-IRC-Utils-0.12nb8: Common utilities for IRC-related tasks
p5-Net-AIM-1.22nb13: Implementation of the AOL Instant Messenger TOC protocol
p5-Net-AOLIM-1.61nb11: Perl5 module for connecting to AOL IM (TOC protocol)
p5-Net-Goofey-1.5nb13: Perl module for communicating with a Goofey server
p5-Net-Jabber-2.0nb11: Provide a Perl Developer access to the Jabber protocol
p5-POE-Component-IRC-6.90nb2: Fully event-driven IRC client module
p5-POE-Filter-IRCD-2.44nb6: POE-based parser for the IRC protocol
phone-2.0nb3: Multi-person chat program, like VMS phone
pidgin-2.13.0nb7: Multi-protocol Instant Messaging client GTK frontend
pidgin-facebookchat-1.69nb17: Plugin for pidgin to support Facebook IM
pidgin-icb-20070505nb43: ICB protocol plugin for the Pidgin instant messenger
pidgin-latex-1.2.1nb43: Plugin for pidgin to render LaTeX as images
pidgin-libnotify-0.14nb49: Pidgin plugin that adds popup support
pidgin-otr-4.0.2nb12: Plugin for pidgin to add OTR (Off-The-Record) encryption
pidgin-sametime-2.13.0nb3: Lotus Sametime plugin for the Pidgin instant messenger
pidgin-silc-2.13.0nb3: SILC plugin for the Pidgin instant messenger
pircbot-1.5.0: Java IRC Bot Framework
prosody-0.10.0: Flexible communications server for Jabber/XMPP written in Lua
psi-1.4nb3: Psi XMPP/Jabber Client
psybnc-2.4b2nb1: Easy-to-use, multi-user, IRC-Bouncer with many features
py37-axolotl-0.1.42: Python port of the ratcheting forward secrecy protocol
py37-axolotl-curve25519- Python wrapper for curve25519 with ed25519 signatures
py37-hangups-0.4.10: Third-party instant messaging client for Google Hangouts
py37-mastodon-1.4.6: Python wrapper for the Mastodon API
py37-nbxmpp-0.6.10: Asynchronous Python library for XMPP
py27-xmpppy-0.5.0rc1nb3: XMPP (Jabber) library for Python
quassel-0.13.1nb4: Modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client
quirc-0.9.84nb10: Stable and powerful graphical IRC client
riece-9.0.0nb2: IRC client for Emacs
roxirc-1.8nb1: Graphical IRC client written in tcl/tk
ruby26-net-irc-0.0.9: Ruby IRC library
scrollz-2.2.3nb6: Advanced IRC client based on ircII client
silc-client-1.1.8nb11: Client for the Secure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC) protocol
silc-client-icb-0.14nb14: Plugin for accessing ICB networks via silc-client
silc-server-1.1.18nb2: Server for the Secure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC) protocol
sirc-2.211nb11: IRC client written and programmable in perl
skypeweb-purple-1.3nb1: Skype (HTTP) plugin for libpurple messengers
spectrum-1.4.8nb55: XMPP transport/gateway based on libpurple
swift-3.0nb34: Graphical XMPP Client
telegram-purple-1.3.1nb1: libpurple protocol plugin for the Telegram messenger
telepathy-farstream-0.6.2: Farstream connection manager for Telepathy
telepathy-gabble-0.18.3nb16: Jabber/XMPP connection manager for Telepathy
telepathy-glib-0.24.1nb12: GObject-based C binding for the Telepathy D-Bus API
telepathy-haze-0.8.0nb1: Libpurple connection manager for Telepathy
telepathy-idle-0.1.8nb11: Full-featured IRC connection manager for Telepathy
telepathy-logger-0.2.7nb26: Logger module for telepathy
telepathy-mission-control-4.67nb37: Telepathy component providing abstractions for "end-user" applications
telepathy-mission-control5-5.7.9nb8: Telepathy component providing abstractions for "end-user" applications
telepathy-qt- Qt bindings for telepathy
telepathy-qt5-0.9.8: Qt5 bindings for telepathy
tik-0.90nb2: Tcl/Tk AOL Instant Messenger client
tirc-1.2nb4: Token's 'Internet Relay Chat' Client
tkabber-0.11.1nb1: Free and Open Source TCL/TK jabber client
tkirc-1.202nb1: GUI for the ircII Internet Relay Chat client
tkirc2-2.46nb2: GUI for the ircII Internet Relay Chat client
tootstream-0.3.7: Command line interface for interacting with Mastodon instances
toxcore-0.2.7: Tox protocol library
unrealircd- Advanced IRC server with IPv6 and SSL support
weechat-2.7nb1: Lightweight and user friendly curses based IRC client
xaric-0.13.6nb2: IRC client similar to BitchX and ircII
ysm- The 'You Sick Me' terminal based ICQ client
zenicb-19981202nb5: ICB client for Emacs
zenirc-2.112nb3: IRC client for Emacs
zircon-1.18.256nb1: X11 interface to Internet Relay Chat
znc-1.7.5nb1: Advanced IRC bouncer with IPv6 and SSL support

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